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This listing of Band Production has been published to assist acts that may be looking for production from time to time …. when your regular service providers are all booked, or maybe to just try someone new to add to your favourites ! :)

Please don't hesitate to contact RockLaw at if you would like to be included in this listing.

Grant Cardwell



Based in Sydney (South)

A very familiar face in the industry in bands, PAs and also rep for Fender for many years.

Ph- 0409 395 889


TPak - Michael Orland (The Professor)



Based in Sydney (Inner West)

You haven't lived sound systems if you don't know the Professor

Ph : 0412 408 225


Giggin' About - Mark Laidler

Based on the South Coast of NSW

Mark Laidler is the man !! ….

Ph : 0410 445 492 


Chris Clough




Too many years of experience

Also has this Mobile Stage Truck thing !

Ph : 0411 243 841

Trent Robinson


Sydney Based (South)

Played in many bands and turned to sound as well !!

Ph : 0418 164 747

FB -

DeeFourDigital - Doug Ford



Based in Sydney (Eastern Suburbs)

Doug Ford comes equipped with a compact Line Array system. Ph : 0414 226 427

Website :

Arena - Wayne Hodgson


Based in Sydney (Bass Hill)

Does heaps big stuff if you need !!

Ph: 0415 361 872

Website :