Welcome ....

I have put together this page and a few others to share some of my solo music projects.

You may be aware of my involvement with Blow and Studio 529. Apart from the tracks that I have penned and collaborated on with those acts, I have also had a passion for writing guitar instrumental tracks.

Now, before you go off thinking that this is another guitar 'shredder' that wants to play licks very fast and impress his piers, let me assure you that is definitely not the case. The aim with my compositions is to connect with anyone that can get something from the music, and definitely not just guitarists - although off course they are welcome !! 

Whilst most artists these days will connect vocally (and I do sing as well), the connection that I want to make with these compositions is via my passion .. my love ... my guitar. It is through melody and often simplicity that I hope to make the connection; with themes that and are melodic and remembered and that set a mood, rather than  showing how many notes I can possibly fit in for the hell of it. For me that's not what it's about. I love all forms of music and love music that touches the heart.

My first solo album "Inspirations" was released in early 2017. Please click on the following link to go to my Music and Video page and check out some of the tracks. I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to leave comments - I would really appreciate your feedback. You can also buy the album in CD form or via download by going to the Rocklaw Music Store.

Also, you may want to get a little more of my music background by way of influences, previous bands etc ... by clicking on the following this link.

Thanking you kindly for taking the time.